Accounting Packages

Service LevelClient DescriptionClient RoleOur Role
Advisory LevelOne facility with a full-time CFO or Controller.Maintains “accrual basis” ledger. Posts all monthly third-party billings, cash receipts, cash disbursements and payroll.Provides guidance, analysis and expert consultation as needed.
Partner LevelOne facility with a full-time Business Office Manager.Maintains “cash-basis” general ledger and posts all cash receipts and payments.
Manages or contracts out monthly third-party billings.
Sends monthly billings reports and third-party payroll reports to Hansen Hunter for posting to the general ledger.
Posts to the general ledger.
Premier LevelOne facility with no full-time Business Office Manager or bookkeeper.Keeps track of all cash receipts and cash disbursements using Excel or Quickbooks, but does not maintain a general ledger. Sends monthly third-party billings reports to Hansen Hunter. Sends payroll reports from third-party providers to HHC each pay period. Provides HHC with a listing of all cash receipts and disbursements for review.Manages and maintains the general ledger.
Reviews cash receipts and disbursements.

Please contact Eddie Uppal or call our our Axiom office at 818.456.0940 for more information.

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