HHC medicare reimbursement
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Medicare Reimbursement

Hansen Hunter & Co. knows the federal Medicare system. We serve Medicare providers in approximately 40 states.  Our clients consist mainly of for-profit and not-for-profit long-term care nursing facilities, home health agencies, hospices and specialty hospitals. See our contract reimbursement department section.


  • Cost report preparation
  • Maintenance of on-going, statistical data bases
  • Analysis of costs (variable and full) versus RUG rates
  • Financial projections related to blended versus federal rates
  • Financial projections related to the proposed revision to the RUG system
  • Clinical and compliance consulting from in-house RNs
  • Review of audit adjustments
  • Review of rates and settlement calculations
  • Appeals of audits, rates and settlements
  • Representing and providing documentation for client negotiations with HMO’s and vendors
  • Presentation of reimbursement seminars through the nursing home associations

We assist our clients in obtaining the maximum Medicare reimbursement to which they are entitled within the laws and regulations of the federal Medicare system by staying current on regulations and statutes that affect the reimbursement system, maintaining a good working relationship with the intermediaries, offering clinical and compliance consulting from in-house RNs and assisting the nursing home associations to achieve desirable changes in the Medicare reimbursement system.

Please contact Jeff Moore at our office (800) 547-3159 for more information.